Is Chelsea’s Teeth Sharp Enough to Bite Arsenal?

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Is Chelsea’s Teeth Sharp Enough to Bite Arsenal?

Saying that Arsenal and Chelsea are rivals is like saying that water is wet – but the way that Barclay‘s Premier League is playing out this season, this upcoming clash may just be very different. The defending champions are lagging behind in the 14th position, and the Gunners secured the top spot for four consecutive weeks – but are the leaders finally ready to defeat their ultimate enemy?

Last year, beating Chelsea was a feat most of the teams could only dream of achieving (just take, for example, the 6:0 defeat that the Gunners had to go through on March), but they don’t look half as menacing this time around. However, Arsenal still seems very threatened by them, considering that even though they won in the Community Shield, they lost the first Premier League meet that the pair had.

Even though Arsenal doesn’t have a fully healthy squad, Wenger himself has reassured the fans that Mesut Ozil is indeed going to play in the Sunday’s match, which is exactly what the team needed. He’s also mentioned being very hopeful about Alexis Sanchez being fit to play as well, and seeing this par combined with Olivier Giroud and Petr Cech really makes you think that the Gunners have a good chance at a long-awaited triumph.

Chelsea got some good news of their own – Eden Hazard and Diego Costa have been both confirmed to be fit for the upcoming derby. That could seriously help the interim manager Guus Hiddink improve his rather decent record – under his supervision, the team didn’t lose a single game yet – although the Blues only won two out of the six matches and drew 2:2 against Watfor and West Brom, and 3:3 against Everton.

Now according to the TonyBet bookies, the Gunners are set for the win that would be so important to them: they’ve been given the odds of 57/50 against the 277/100 that Chelsea got.  Hopeful as that looks for Arsenal, they are also a team that sometimes loses pretty much out of the blue, like they did against West Ham (0:2), West Brom (1:2), and Southampton (0:4).

However, Arsenal is still at the top of the League Table, and have been here for four consecutive weeks, and they are currently sporting 44 points – even though point-wise they’re tied with Leicester. Considering how badly Chelsea has been playing, you could figure this was an obvious game, but a derby against the toughest rivals is never an easy game.

The Sunday match is definitely one of these games where both sides are thirsty for blood, but if we take a more rational approach, it is Chelsea that is in a more dire need of victory – Arsenal could manage just fine with one lost game. But it is a matter of pride to win for the Blues – especially since it’s been five years since the last time Arsenal triumphed in their Premier League clashes. This one is going to be a proper football treat!