BPL Week #5: Liverpool‘s Redemption and Leicester‘s Triumph?

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Week #5 of the Barclay’s Premier League is fast approaching and if we’ve learned anything from the season so far, it’s that it is bound to be surprising in some way. Next big match to look out for is Manchester United vs Liverpool on Saturday night. Can the Reds redeem themselves after repeating – with interest – Arsenal’s loss to West Ham last week?

Both Man United and Liverpool will go head to head after experiencing their first lost matches of the season. The Reds vs the Red Devils – although the latter actually managed to score a goal in the losing match against Swansea City (2:1), unlike Liverpool, who lost 3:0. Bookies are predicting a Man United win with the odds of 1/1.

Meanwhile West Ham is #8 on the table, and the club’s performance looks rather unpredictable. They managed to win against such teams as Arsenal and Liverpool – with clean sheets no less – and then lost to Bournemouth in Week 3 and to Leicester City in Week 2. Next week, West Ham is playing against Newcastle, but there is really no telling as to how that will go.

When Leicester City climbed to the top of the table, nobody expected for them to stay up, and yet currently they are still #3. They haven‘t lost  a match yet, and sport two wins, two draws, and 8 points to the day – far better than some of the favourites have managed to do in these four weeks. Week no. 5 will see them playing against Aston Villa – the odds aren‘t in their favour to win, but they may just prove the odds wrong.

Arsenal is likely to have a rather easy week, facing Stoke City in a match that should allow them to collect the well-needed points. The current leader Manchester City is playing against Crystal Palace who beat Chelsea last week – although it‘s doubtful they should have such luck vs the City. Chelsea is in a dire need of points, of which they only have 4, and a match against Everton is expected to help with that.

The next week will conclude the first quarter of the British Premier League. So far, the top five clubs are Manchester City, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, Swansea City, and Manchester United, and while the #1 has 12 points, #20 only has 2. It‘s still a bit early to predict the winners, clear trends are being set and the League is packed with excitement – and there is more where that came from!