BPL Week 3: a Battle between Arsenal & Liverpool, Man City & Chelsea Hope for Victories

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When Arsenal snagged Chelsea‘s Petr Cech and went ahead to win FA Community Shield with him, they fuelled the hopes for a very successful British Premier League 15/16. However, the Gunners started their season with a match you can’t quite forget – for all the wrong reasons, unfortunately. This week they’re facing Liverpool: TonyBet has the odds at 7/10 for an Arsenal victory, and 39/10 for the potential 3rd consecutive win for the Reds.

The two teams meet on Monday 24th, and so far, Liverpool has beaten Stoke City and Bournemouth with a result of 1:0. Arsenal has lost 2:0 to West Ham and somewhat softened the fall with the second week’s 2:1 win against Crystal Palace. The match between the Gunners and the Reds is certainly one you should mark down in your calendar, however, it’s not the only exciting game ahead.

This year is a good time to be a Manchester City fan. The 3:0 win over Chelsea was pretty brilliant, although it paints a rather bleak picture for the latter club that has started the Barclay‘s Premier League with 1 point, 1 drawn and 1 lost match. Meanwhile Man City has defeated West Brom with the exact same result and the prospects for a third win look good, as next week, they‘re facing Everton. It’s a tough week ahead for the Toffees though, who managed a draw against Watford and a clean 3:0 win against Southampton so far.

Meanwhile Chelsea has a match against West Brom who suffered the same fate as they did in Man City‘s hands. If the Blues can score a win, that would be their first victory in the BPL so far, which is hardly a convincing start, as they are the defending champions. However, point-wise Chelsea can still make a difference, because the highest accumulated score is 6 pts and next week is only the 3rd of 20.

Another club that‘s been doing well is Leicester City: so far, they have one two out of two games. A match against Sunderland ended 4:2, and afterwards they won against West Ham 2:1. This has put them very high in the rankings – in fact, they are in the 2nd place. In week 3, they are facing Tottenham Spurs, and that may very well end their winning streak – unless Leicester City have some serious tricks up their sleeves.

The season has just started, but it’s already proving to be exciting and full of surprises. The transfer window is open until September 1st, so the clubs may still be making decisions and not settling just yet. Both first weeks produced some unexpected matches – what’s in the store for the week 3? The games start on August 22nd: watch and find out.