Against Barcelona: Could Man City Finally Win?

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Man City may be a very big fish in the Premier League pond with their #1 spot for the first eight consecutive weeks, but then the Champions League is a whole different ocean. The Sky Blues are meeting Barcelona, and even though the Spanish team is currently only #4 in La Liga, they are guaranteed to make this meet very hard for the English.

According to the UK-licensed bookie TonyBet, the odds are that Barça is going to leave Man City feeling miserable after this game. It’s no wonder why the predictions are leaning so strongly in the favour of the Spanish team: they have met four times since 2014 February, and Man City promptly lost all these games, two of which were clean-sheet for Barça.

However, this does not mean that the English are going into the match prepared to soften the loss rather than to win. While they were arguably unlucky to get drawn into the same group as one of the competition’s favourites, Man City do have the depth to keep up with their upcoming opponent. The trouble is, Barça can and will use the slightest mistake or mishap, which may very well result in a disappointment for the English.

After Pep Guardiola moved from Bayern Munich, Man City hasn‘t had the chance to play against the team that their current head coach managed back in 2007-2012. This fact may come as a strong advantage to the Sky Blues, because even though Guardiola has moved away from the Spanish team a good few seasons back, he still has a real inside knowledge of the inner workings of the machine that is Barcelona.

While this Man City is not the same team that has lost against Barcelona in the past, their most recent results are really worrying – they drew Celtic, then lost to Tottenham, then drew Everton, and now they are facing a team that‘s even more difficult than any of these previous oponnents.  However, Barcelona aren‘t really having a perfect season by any means, either.

In a nutshell, Barça on an average day is still a very tough contender for most of the best teams. Man City really does need that Champions League win if they want to make sure they don‘t drop out early, and Guardiola is well aware that this game is much more important than many others are. So, is winning an option, after all? To put it simply, it is possible, however, it is just a step away from being probable.