5 Best Gambling Spots in Europe

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If you are a casino lover and have the excellent skills sharpened up through the years of online gambling, you must visit a fancy casino at least once in your life.

Of course, Las Vegas is the main spot, but what if you live on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean? The dream is dead? No way! There are many amazing places to gamble here in Europe as well. So, book a ticket and catch your luck!

5. The Netherlands

When you’re thinking about a European city where you can have a fun time, the first place that comes to your mind is Amsterdam. Time does seem to fly in this city with so many activities and sightseeing opportunities. From the Van Gogh Museum to the Red-Light District or casinos by the famous canals – Amsterdam has it all.














The most popular one is the Holland Casino. It is an upper-class casino with a luxurious interior and will make you feel like you’re in Vegas. Make sure you’ve tried the famous Dutch slots, as well as the drinks and food, that got the best reviews from the visitors.

Holland Casino in Amsterdam










4. The Czech Republic

Where else could you go, if Amsterdam seems too mainstream? Well, the second perfect option would be Prague – the capital city of the Czech Republic. This city is famous for its cultural and historical sites, but there are many great places to have fun as well.










As we’ re talking about gambling, there are about twenty the best-rated casinos all over the city center. In case your visit won’t be long, there are three places we recommend: the Ambassador Casino at the Ambassador hotel, the Millennium Casino in the Marriott Hotel or the Atrium Casino at the Hilton Hotel.

Casino Ambasador in Prague












They can offer different gambling possibilities, poker tables, slot machines or just an exclusive shot of absinthe. The best part – there is no entrance fee. Isn’t that the perfect idea for a bachelor party?

 3. Malta

Would you like to combine gambling and golden beaches on your vacation? Then you should go to Malta. A sunny little paradise surrounded by blue water and remarkable mountains with many parties, funny people, and posh casinos – sounds like the time of your life!  

Golden coast in Malta











Malta has the gambling-friendly legislation, so don’t be surprised when you’ll see the well-known gaming companies and casino operators, such as NetEnt and LeoVegas there. After the day on the beach, we recommend you spend a quality time at the luxurious casinos, such as Portomaso or Dragonara Casino.

Dragonara casino in Malta













2. France

Everyone knows Paris as a city of love with many romantic spots. However, gambling is an inseparable part of nightlife there. Even the fact that the ultimate casino game – roulette – was invented in France, says a lot about the gambling culture here.

Eiffel tower in Paris











There are quite a few famous casinos you might like to visit in Paris, such as Le Cercle Central and Cercle Clichy Montmartre.

Casino of Cercle Clichy Montmartre in Paris










These casinos would be the best choice for poker players, but you’ll find many other games there as well. So, grab a glass of an authentic French cognac and play your cards with a passion.

1. Monaco

The irresistible winner of this list is Monaco. This small city-state on the Mediterranean coast that can be defined just by one word – wealth. Monaco is known for its yacht-lined harbor, prestigious Grand Prix motor race and the Monte-Carlo district with the Salle Garnier opera house and the belle-époque casino complex Casino de Monte-Carlo.










This famous casino was opened in 1863 when Princess Caroline, the wife of Prince of Monaco Florestan I, suggested that a casino could save her husband’s family from bankruptcy. Since then, it has become an example of upper-class casinos and has been featured in many gambling-inspired movies.

Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco











If you’d like to try your luck in one of the oldest casinos in the world, this is your best bet. Sure, you need to pay the entrance fee, but for a lifetime experience, you can let yourself to splurge a bit. 

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