5 Awesome Gambling Tattoos You‘ll Love

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Reading time: 3 mins

Quick! Think about the things that you love enough that you’ll pay a stranger a lot of money to permanently and painfully etch them on your skin. Yes, we’re talking tattoos today, and believe it or not, there are LOTS of them to do with gambling. You know what’s the best part? They’re actually pretty cool!

 1. Monster Slot

By Think Tank Tattoo http://thinktanktattoo.com

Does the number 702 mean something in particular? It is the area code for Las Vegas, so that’s the best guess that I can give you.  Unfortunately, I could not find the artist who’s responsible for this brilliant little slot-creature, but it was done by somebody from the Think Tank Tattoo shop. In any case, I love it – it’s funny, and I’ll bet there must be a great story behind it.

2.  King Joker

By Dave Wah, https://www.instagram.com/davewahtattoos

Who said card tattoos were boring or in bad taste again? This brilliant one by Dave Wah is, in general, very well done (no surprise here – just look at his Instagram for more gorgeous works), and the idea behind it is clear and clever. If you’re looking to get inked, you just may have to travel to Baltimore to get to Dave now!

3. Two Pair

By Adam Rosenthal, https://www.instagram.com/adamrosenthaltattoo/

Another great card tattoo! This one has definitely got a vintage feel to it – is it the flowers? Is it the skull and bones? I don’t know – but the entire thing boils down to one pretty great package. If you look at Adam’s Instagram, you’ll see lots of other great pieces, but truth be told, this is one of my favourites.

4. Diamond Eye Joe

By Inkversion Studio, https://www.facebook.com/Inkversion/

I get a really piratey vibe with this one – it must be the diamond eye! It seems that adding bones to a gambling tattoo is pretty much a classic twist, but I must say, some things just work. The cards blend in really well, and the Roulette down below is a nice touch, but what I really love is the hole in the skull that the elbow gives this tattoo!

5. Fabulous Las Vegas

By Little Vinnies Tattoos, https://www.facebook.com/Little-Vinnies-Westside-Tattoos-105872916119866/

When looking for interesting gambling tattoos, I came across many references to Las Vegas. Some were more subtle than the others, but few stood out – except this one. One thing that I must appreciate is that it must have hurt a hell of a lot to have that much white ink added, but we can all see that the result was tottally worth it.

So, do you want to get inked already – or again? While getting a poker tattoo or something inspired by the Casino isn‘t for everyone, this goes to show that great art is great nevermind the subject. #noragrets over there!