10 Weirdest and Most Interesting Betting Wins

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Is it the adrenaline that keeps betting interesting? Maybe it‘s more than just that. No matter how much of a stone cold realist you may be, there’s always that “what if” on winning big completely out of the blue. The odds may not always be in your favour, but sometimes they’re not the decisive factor – this list of 10 of the weirdest and most incredible betting wins is here to prove it.

Would you bet on your 18-month old grandson becoming a football player? What about U2 still being together 11 years later? Here are the stories of ten people who pretty much did the impossible.

1.      Knights + TV Soaps = £194.000 Win

Right, so in 1989, a man walks into a betting shop and says: “I want to bet that by the year 2000, Cliff Richard will be knighted, U2 will still be together, EastEnders will still be a weekly soap on BBC and both Neighbours & Home and Away will still be on air. A daft bet? Right on! However, his £30 became £194.000 eleven years later when all his predictions were deemed correct.

2.      My 18-Month-Old Grandson Will Be a Football Player

This is probably a sentiment many proud grandpas have when they see their little grandsons toddling around with a football, but how many can say they got £125.000 for being right about it? One Peter Edwards, who bet £50 on his 18-month-old grandson Harry Wilson to play for the Welsh National Football team, can. The boy made his debut at the age of 16 and became the youngest player ever to play for the Wales National team, too!

3.      Stable Boy Turned Millionaire

Christmas is indeed a time of miracles – even if you place your bet 3 months in advance, like Conor Murphy. He bet $75 on 5 of his boss‘s horses winning in an accumulator bet and cashed in $1.5 million after the race. Best late Christmas gift ever, or what?

4.      £1 million Isn‘t That Much Money Anymore

Would you believe that’s exactly what one Fred Craggs said after having won this much with a mere 50 pence bet? This 60-year-old bet on 8 horses in 2008, and the odds at winning were 2.000.000 to 1, but he promptly beat them, taking home an incredible win.

5.      One Big Step for Humanity, One Big Win for David Threlfall

Who doesn’t dream of going back in time and scooping up a fortune with incredible predictions? David Threlfall did that without any time-travelling (as far as we know) when in 1964 he placed a bet for a human to walk on the moon or other celestial body before January, 1971. His £10 became £10.000 – a pretty sum of money back in the seventies.

6.      Eighth Time‘s a Charm: £1 Became £169.923

One man from Cambridgshire opened a betting account to save up for his son‘s future. One week and 8 bets later, his wager on a 10-team accumulator brought in enough to also buy a new house. Was his new baby a four-leaf clover?

7.      Horse Named Wall Street Turned £59 Into £550.000

Well, he didn‘t multiply the money like a hooved Jesus, but he did win 7 races (with some help from his jockey, Frankie Dettori). Darren Yeats has placed a bet with the odds of 25.000 to 1 – and it was probably one of the best decisions of his life, as it brought him this extraordinary win.

8.      Can‘t Do It Twice? Watch Me!

In 1999, an unnamed Manchester United fan bet £2.5 for their win in the Champions League final. A few years later, he placed a much more modest bet than before – only 30 pence – and that brought him £500.000 in winnings! With luck like that, he has probably never spilt a pint, either.

9.      How to Make £92.944 with 14 Guesses?

Dean Clay probably knows the best answer to this question, as his £2 bet brought him exactly that much. He predicted so many outcomes correctly – 14 of them, in fact – he was too nervous to watch the last game on Sunday and played golf instead. Do you think he scored there, as well?

10.  Nobody Could Have Predicted Brazil’s 7:1 Loss to Germany. Right?

Wrong, actually. In fact, eight people have been confirmed to having predicted exactly that. Unfortunately, the screenshot that made rounds in the Internet with somebody having won $46.000 seems to be a mere online legend and the winnings were a bit more modest. Still, 8 people did guess it right – they probably wish they’d wagered their whole fortune.

While all these wins would probably be deemed impossible by mathematicians, real life once again proves that it’s not impossible as much as improbable. Which win was your favourite? Do you have your own amazing win story to share? Comment below!