• Is it the End of Era Djokovic?

    2016-08-26 17:27

    The last Grand Slam of the year is here – and even though Novak Djokovic may still be a favourite for many fans and professionals alike, it is impossible to deny that lately we have not been seeing the same man play. Now the world‘s #1 is still ridiculously far ahead with his ATP points standing at 14840, with an advantage of more than five thousand over Andy Murray, but since Wimbledon, Djokovic started to seem more and more human.

  • It's Time to Start Winning: Liverpool vs Tottenham

    2016-08-26 17:22

    It‘s time for some good old English football again! While the season of 16/17 has only advanced to its third week in the Premier League, we’ve already seen some pretty brilliant matches, and this week is not going to be an exception. Liverpool is meeting Tottenhamand that’s the kind of a game nobody is really neutral about.


    2016-08-24 14:39

    With Bitcoin establishing its presence in the online gaming market, Tonybet.com started accepting deposits in digital currency.

    An all-around online gaming site has announced it has partnered up with the SpectroCoin e-wallet to become one of the first recognised and well established gaming sites to accept Bitcoin. The site will allow its players to deposit and withdraw funds in Bitcoin, but will convert them to regular currencies while in-play – a feature absent from most sites accepting digital currencies.

  • Can the Magic Happen again: Leicester vs Arsenal

    2016-08-19 20:22

    It feels like we just got off the wild ride that was the previous season – and here we are at it again, except this time everyone‘s watching Leicester. Back then they crushed Arsenal‘s dreams of triumphing in the League, and now they‘re going to go heads out to see who‘s better this time around. It‘s safe to assume that this should be nothing short of brilliant.

  • 1st Time‘s the Charm: Arsenal vs Liverpool

    2016-08-12 20:26

    It seems like the season of 15/16 was just here – needless to say, nobody has fully recovered from the rollercoaster that it was just yet. And now we‘ve got a fresh Premier League run ready to go with some pretty brilliant matches on the very opening week! Arsene’s lads are going to face Klopp’s squad, so that should be interesting to say the very least.

  • Team USA: Basketball Gods Lacking Miracles

    2016-08-12 16:45

    The United States of America national basketball team so far has been doing pretty well in the Olympics: they‘ve won three out of the three matches that they‘ve had so far, promptly demolishing China and Venezuela and managing a more difficult victory against Australia. Now they’ve got two more European opponents to play until the QF – but the dream team is a bit short in the dream department, or so it seems this far.

  • Davis Cup: Will Britain Manage without Andy Murray?

    2016-07-14 18:41

    Last year, Britain finally managed to score a Davis Cup triumph after an incredible 79 years wait, and none other than Andy Murray was holding the wheel on that glorious yacht to glory. Well, they made it, and now is another year – but this time around, the team may just have to do without their anchor.


    2016-06-22 17:37

    Online bookmaker, Tonybet.com stands to lose over £1 million to date if there is a Brexit vote after guaranteeing best odds on Leave in the EU referendum betting market. This follows the current management sticking their neck out in support of their founder Tony G (Antanas Guoga MEP) who personally offered a €1 million charity bet to UKIP Leader Nigel Farage on Leave. 

  • Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic vs Andy Murray

    2016-06-21 10:02

    The Third annual Grand Slam is about to open, and after Djokovic having achieved what was immediately dubbed as the Nole Slam, it‘s going to be pretty interesting. Can the Serb survive the pressure and take yet another step towards a calendar year Slam, or will Andy Murray finally break the rut of finishing second that he‘s gotten himself into?

  • The Five Potential Victors of Euro 2016

    2016-06-10 18:54

    The wait is finally over – let‘s welcome Euro 2016! A ton of cutthroat fights is ahead of us, as the best 24 national teams of Europe are fighting for their chance at the trophy. For some, the road to France was harder than it was for the others. Will the predictions prove true after a few games will have been played? Let’s see!