It’s safe to say James Bond loves to hit the casino occasionally. But, thankfully, most people’s casino gaming experiences don’t end up quite so dangerous.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy is a unique way for people to play roulette at their leisure – and yes, it’s based around Daniel Craig’s method in Casino Royale. Let’s explore what this method of play style involves. Why do people choose the Bond strategy? And what are the odds involved?

It’s important remember before playing, there are no guaranteed ways to win at roulette. Play styles like the James Bond Roulette Strategy simply mix things up a little. Some players use it because it feels like it gives them an edge over the game – but it’s still completely random, so manage your expectations!

What is a James Bond Roulette Bet?

The James Bond Roulette Bet covers a selection of numbers from the traditional European roulette table, that is, one where you only have one zero available.

Bond chooses to bet on everything but the numbers 1-12 – meaning you’ll be covering bets on the 25 other pockets, and there’s a certain amount you should bet on each specific category. So, let’s break this down bit by bit.

Let’s say you’re betting using €1 chips. Bond plays a flat wager of €20 for each round, and he splits this up into three different categories.

To start, he places a single chip, €1, on the zero. That’s why you need to make sure you’re playing at a European-style table, whether at a physical casino or online.

Then, he places €5 on what’s known as a Double Street bet. Here, the bet covers the numbers 13 through 18 inclusive.

Finally, the remaining €14 from the bet is placed on the remaining numbers – the highest digits measuring 19 through 36.

You don’t have to place €20 every time. If you play roulette at a table that allows smaller bets, you could start with €2 worth of chips and break this down into 10c, 50c, and €1.40.

The aim of this strategy is to try and place the same flat bet each time. It helps to keep things manageable, say for example if you have a set bankroll limit and don’t want to exceed a certain amount paid out per bet.

Many players choose the James Bond Roulette Strategy simply because it gives them a variety of different bets to try and get an edge at the table. They’re playing safer bets on groups of numbers and placing low bets on outside chances (i.e., the zero), meaning they’re trying to protect any potential losses that come their way.

However, as we all know with roulette, while the odds might change, it’s still very much a game of complete chance. You’re never quite guaranteed a win!

How much can you win from 007 Bet?

The amount you can win from the James Bond Roulette Strategy, of course, depends on how much you bet! We’ll run through the basic odds a little further down in this guide, but it’s worth addressing the basics here so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Splitting this bet into three parts lets players attack an outside bet (that’s your single chip on the zero) while buffeting themselves slightly with the double street and the high numbers. As you’ll notice, most of your money goes toward the majority of the numbers.

It’s a form of protection – and the odds are lower on the higher clutch of numbers, meaning you can expect to win less from that selection than with your single chip.

You could win as much as 35x your stake on the zero if you use the James Bond Roulette Strategy – but then, what happens if the numbers you don’t bet on come up?

For many people, Bond’s way of playing can be a way to try most of the table’s numbers while protecting themselves against potential losses from the widest odds. Of course, whether or not it’s effective for you depends entirely on your taste and your attitude to risk!

How effective is this strategy?

There are certainly pros and cons to using the James Bond Roulette Strategy. As mentioned, for some people, it’s appealing because it helps to protect players when they want to make riskier bets on the zero.

It’s also a highly scalable strategy, meaning you don’t have to play €200 or even €20 to try it. You can move it up and down a scale depending on the bankroll you have available, provided you’re keeping track of your betting activities as safely as possible!

The James Bond Strategy is also one of the easiest roulette play templates available. There’s no need for you to switch up how much you’re betting from play to play, and you only have to diversify between three sets of numbers.

However, there are always downsides to every betting strategy, and the 007 is no different. This can be a very risky strategy, despite the fact it has a ‘safety net’ where bettors place more money on shorter odds. Remember, you’re avoiding numbers 1 through 12! If they come up, you’re out of luck.

This also isn’t the best strategy to use if you’re trying to build up wins as a slow burn. You shouldn’t, ideally, be chasing wins or losses anyway! Regardless, using this strategy long-term could end up with you burning through profits rather than stacking them up.

Beyond all of this, you can’t use the Bond Roulette Strategy on roulette tables that don’t follow the European rule – it simply doesn’t work. Therefore, if you prefer to play at American tables or any variations with more than one zero, this strategy probably isn’t going to work for you.

Ultimately, it’s all down to taste, attitude to risk, and bankroll management. We advise against running big strategies such as the Bond unless you’ve played roulette for some time.

Roulette can seem like a simple game on the outside, but remember that there’s always a House edge – and mixing things up with strategies and tactics is an acquired taste.

Odds of winning with the James Bond Roulette Strategy

Let’s close out by looking at the odds that apply to each of the plays you make in the James Bond Roulette Strategy.

To start, the single chip bet of €1 measures at 35/1. Then, 25% of your bet is placed on numbers 13 through 18. That’s a payout of 5/1. Finally, the remaining 70% of your bet claims back evens or 1/1 on the 19-36 bracket.

As you can see, while it’s more likely that the roulette ball will land in the 1/1 spaces, you stand to make less than you might expect.

If you want to try the James Bond Roulette Strategy for yourself, I recommend playing a round or two for free first.

And, make sure you get acquainted with how to play roulette, full stop!

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