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All players, fans, football lovers and TV broadcasters are impatiently waiting for the World Cup 2018. But there is one more group of people who has a keen interest in the biggest football event of every four years – the enthusiasts of sports betting. So how to survive a month of football and how to understand which betting offers are good?

The international online gaming company TonyBet, that provides sports betting, live betting, casino and live gaming services, can be your best choice, as we know how to spice up every match. Whether you are a sports betting pro or slots lover there is plenty in store for football fans on TonyBet. Make it through these highs and lows with the World Cup Survival Kit of awesome deals prepared by TonyBet!

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Offers and World Cup

The massive sports events, like World Cup 2018, are like holidays for all sports enthusiasts. It is also a very stressful time, though it gives lots of happiness. And it is even more difficult for betting enthusiasts as they are drowned by lots of attractive proposals. Take it easy! Let us help you and introduce the pack of special offers, which is nothing but epic!

All our offers can be distinguished by three features: enhanced odds, money back and ongoing freebies. So how does it work and why these deals cannot be refused?

One of the best ways to award the betting enthusiasts is to give them free bets. It works simply: a player places a bet on a match or his favorite football star and is eligible to win a number of free bets for another match. At TonyBet you get free bets for scored goals, for missed goals, for the best results of matches and even for scoreless games. So, basically, you can always win with TonyBet!

The deals of enhanced odds are one of the favorites of betting fans. TonyBet comes along with these offers not for the first time and they are just getting better and better. Among many others, we also have, the Price Boost deal and it can surely be thrilling! Certain teams will be favored with better odds at random points throughout the football madness, so all you need to do is to keep an eye and be ready.

As a cherry on the top of all these amazing deals, there is a money back offer. For one correct guess, TonyBet is ready to double the winnings just because football must be celebrated! It seems that quite ordinary requirements are asked for such an extraordinary opportunity, but more details will be revealed later because we all love a bit of an intrigue.

It is getting clear, that TonyBet will be your buddy during the craziest month of these four years. However, there are some more news about referees and you might need TonyBet as a shoulder to cry on after all.TonyBet Survival Kit

Referees news

This will be the first year when the VAR technology is going to be used during matches of World Cup. It is the video assistant referee that might help to solve the conflicts between players and referees.

VAR is used to identify the wrong players, as well as to determine which player should be sanctioned or disciplined. This new technology must ensure that a right penalty card has been used, and decisions of referees are legitimate. It might help avoid the never-ending disputes about penalty kicks – should a player be awarded or not. And finally, the main function of VAR is to confirm or reject a goal. As every move of players and a trajectory of a ball will be recorded, any discussions are supposed to be avoided and the match should not be interrupted.

However, the common expression is telling us: it may be true in theory, but it does not always work in practice. Theoretically, an original idea of VAR was to warrant a smooth and peaceful game. Here comes the practice: there will always be two sides of crazy fans and all of them support they team madly. If talking realistically, one-half of fans will always be disappointed about any decisions, but an impersonal technology cannot be affected by any threats or requests.

TonyBet Sportsbook team loves football and appreciates the true loyalty of fans, so we decided that World Cup must be fun and there is no place for sadness. All smart technologies are an awesome upgrade of the game, but we really don’t want any fans to be saddened by the outcomes! So here it goes, one of the offered deals at TonyBet will be dedicated to this new technology: if a goal will be rejected after an inspection of VAR, we will return a stake as a free bet.

In conclusion, even if you are not a football aficionado, you cannot miss this event. It will be an amazing show of the world-greatest players and the fiercest fights between the strongest national teams to find out the irresistible winner. We want to celebrate together with every single fan, so lots of exceptional offers are prepared both for professionals and for beginners. Don’t miss such a wonderful chance. Olé, our friends! 

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