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What a crazy month it was! Sadly, but the World Cup’18 is over. We saw great performances of 32 amazing teams, many incredible victories, and such heart-breaking defeats. It was a difficult time for fans with over-load of happiness and floods of tears. But we have survived throughout this madness all together!

All around the world people were celebrating football in the most unusual ways because for some of them, football means everything! As a result, we can be entertained by the stories of pure insanity. So, this time we want to share the most hilarious moments of fans from the World Cup’18.  

1. Colombian Birdman

Colombian people love football and they always support the national team with pride that is twisted with absurdity. Probably, the best example would be El Cole who is an iconic fan with the most iconic life story.

Gustavo Llanos, aka El Cole, supports the national team in every match and he is always dressed as the giant bird. That’s why he is called the Colombian Birdman. He started in the early 90’s when the team of Columbia was taking part in qualifications for the World Cup in Italy. Gustavo Llanos was traveling so much with the team, that he decided to quit his law studies and dedicate his life to football.
























During the match Colombia vs Poland of the World Cup’18, fans were holding Gustavo by strings attached to his artificial wings as he could imitate flying. After the goal, fans started to celebrate, and they accidentally dropped those strings. Only a rope wrapped around the waist of Gustavo stopped him from plunging to death.

The Colombian team really appreciates the loyalty of Gustavo, so he became the unofficial mascot of the team. When asked, why did the image of a bird was chosen, Gustavo said that it is a symbol of freedom, which is a sore point in Columbia today.

2. England fans and the smashed ambulance

England football fans are famous all around the world as they can get truly-madly-crazy about every match. World Cup is an exceptional occasion and maybe we shouldn’t be surprised about the aggressive way they are usually celebrating.

After winning the quarter-final, people just flooded the streets of London. The over-excited England fans climbed onto every object they could climb on: statues, roofs of bus stops and even cars. For the purpose of public safety, an ambulance was parked there on the street. In the end, the car was damaged after one girl climbed on it and windows of the vehicle were smashed after she kicked them.


This is not the usual way to celebrate, and we do not recommend that. However, this accident is a perfect illustration for the term “football ultras”.

3. Mexico fans caused an earthquake

Football is a big deal in South America. People really know how to support the teams and how to celebrate victories. For example, Mexican fans caused an earthquake after Mexico won over Germany in this World Cup.

People were so happy and excited that they were able to move the earth. Literally.


Mexicans were jumping so hard after defeating Germany, they set off earthquake detectors. Very sensitive detectors registered tremors in two parts of Mexico City seven seconds after the victory.

People were celebrating all around the capital city with giant flags, sombreros, and traditional songs. That’s the southern spirit!

4. Japan fans and the rubbish

Japan was doing just great in this World Cup until the match with Belgium when they were defeated. That day the stadium of Rostov-on-Don was full of tearful Japan fans who cleaned after themselves.


Despite the heartache and sadness after an elimination from the World Cup, fans were cleaning the tribunes, picking plastic cups and supportive posters before leaving the stadium. It was like a scene from a movie: crying fans, with funny national outfits, were walking around the stadium with enormous rubbish bags to pick up those beer glasses.

The national team of Japan was acting in the same way. After such a dramatic game and being eliminated from the World Cup, they cleaned the changing room to perfection and left a note to the organizers with a word “Thank you” in Russian.

Japan is the politest country in the world for sure.

5. Russian fans and kisses to the South Korean journalist

The scientific fact: love and football are related. One South Korean journalist was a good example what lovely vibes were spreading during the World Cup’18.

Kwon Qwal Yel, a reporter from South Korea, was broadcasting in street near one of the stadiums. Suddenly, one girl came from behind and kissed the reporter.









He tried to stay professional and carry on speaking. But then, other women with a Russian flag came to Kwon Qwal Yel, grabbed his head and kissed his cheek. The second kiss finally made the reporter burst out laughing.









From Russia with love!

6. Brazil fans and eggs

Another story about fans from South America. They are crazy about football for sure. This time, fans of Brazil assaulted their national team.

It is not a secret that Brazil was one of the potential winners of the World Cup. However, they were kicked out too early and the defeat was tearful. All fans and the rest of the world were just shocked.

But a shock has turned into an anger very soon. When the Brazilian team tried to leave the stadium, football fans expressed their feelings in the most inappropriate way. Even after the bus began moving, fans kept throwing eggs, tomatoes, stones and other things at it.









People were blaming players for the poor game and called them “a national shame”.

Well, love and hate are just one step apart.

People were celebrating World Cup 2018 without any excuses and it’s all okay because such fiesta happens just once in four years. But don’t forget that many other amazing sports events are happening, so don’t miss them. Let’s celebrate the whole summer together!