• Champions League Week 5: Top Four Matches Preview

    2015-11-24 09:51

    It‘s been a while since the last time when the best European teams met in Champions League – so it‘s bound to be interesting. As there is an abundance of must-watch games planned during the two days of football, we’ve picked two from each day and took a look at what could potentially happen. Buckle up, because it’s going to be one heck of a ride!

  • NFL Week 11 Preview – The Wild Card Hunt: Now or Never

    2015-11-20 17:36

    10 weeks of the 2015 NFL season are already done with, and it is pretty clear who are the play-off contenders and who are only fighting for the honor. It is the last week with teams on bye - New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns are taking a breather.

    12 teams came into the Week 11 with four victories. Each of them still has a chance to compete for a play-off spot, but they must start winning and rise to the positive record zone if they want to at least stay in the hunt for a wild card.

  • Man City vs Liverpool: Is the Victor Already Clear?

    2015-11-20 15:22

    The wait is finally over! The international break felt like forever, but now the Premier League can continue as per usual. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most interesting match of Week 13: Man City against Liverpool.  Could Klopp’s squad take a bite out of the golden team? 

  • Tonybet Poker Introduces Rake-Free Texas Hold’em and Omaha Cash Games

    2015-11-19 16:36

    The world’s biggest Open Face Chinese poker site, Tonybet Poker is currently in the stage of getting ready for the second-ever OFC World Championship which is to take place in the Czech capital Prague this December 6th to 9th. However, the upcoming live event dedicated solely to OFC is not the only big news the site is regaling its players with.

  • ATP World Tour Finals: The Favourite Trio

    2015-11-13 12:02

    Another treat for the tennis fans – the ATP World Tour Finals are here! It’s time to see who can take the last big title of the year: and it is going to be tough. Eight best players of the world will compete for the chance at becoming the victor at this prestigious tournament but only one will triumph. Let’s take a look at who’s the most likely to win!

  • The Final Race for EURO 2016

    2015-11-12 11:26
    Twenty teams have already qualified for the upcoming Euro, but there are still four spots up for grabs and eight contenders wanting to fill them. It’s going to take six days of football to decide the lucky victors, and naturally, some quality matches are bound to take place. All the teams are going to meet each other twice: let’s see what’s ahead!


  • North London Derby: Lucky Timing for the Spurs?

    2015-11-06 12:23

    Another week, another derby: this Sunday will see Arsenal going against Tottenham Hotspur. Could the injured Gunners‘ squad still overpower the Spurs and – if luck has it – maybe even take Man City‘s place at the very top of the League? Tottenham have a plot of their own, because if they don‘t win, they could lose their cosy top 5 spot.

  • Champions League Week 4: Second Time‘s a Charm?

    2015-11-03 13:47

    Time for a re-match! Week 3 and Week 4 have identical meets set, and there are a few things still unsettled after some rather surprising results. Now normally, it is near impossible to repeat the same results twice in a row – but certain teams will be way keener for the games to end in the same fashion. Could any of the three most interesting clashes follow a duplicate scenario? 

  • NFL Week 8 Preview: Meeting of Two Greats in Mile High

    2015-10-30 17:42

    We are seven weeks into the NFL season, and an early image of what’s waiting for us in the playoffs is forming. Each winner of the eight four-team divisions receives an automatic place in the playoffs, leaving only four spots for the rest to compete for.

  • EPL Week 11: the First Defeat ahead for Liverpool?

    2015-10-29 16:08

    The Boxing Day is coming closer – how much will the League table change? The competition is getting more and more cutthroat, and even though some of the teams look like they have solidified their dominance or the lack thereof, nothing is set in stone yet and the matches will get more and more crucial.