• The Battle of the English and the French

    2016-04-06 11:34

    Man City is the last English soldier still standing in the Champions League, and tonight they will be put to the toughest of tests. This is the furthest that the Sky Blues managed so far in this prestigious competition, so naturally they will be keen to push it even more and make their way into the semis. It‘s an away leg for Man City too: are they up for the challenge?

  • Let’s Get Title Chasing: Leicester City v Tottenham

    2016-04-01 19:47

    Right, so it’s Week 32 at the Premier League, and there’s a proper exciting battle going on! While Leicester and Tottenham aren’t set to play this week and have already had their two fixtures, their fight is the title chase. The Foxes have been #1 for 10 consecutive weeks, and they are guaranteed to stay there for another week, and the Spurs have been in the second place for seven weeks. So let’s look what challenges lie ahead for them!

  • 10 Weirdest and Most Interesting Betting Wins

    2016-03-29 15:41

    Is it the adrenaline that keeps betting interesting? Maybe it‘s more than just that. No matter how much of a stone cold realist you may be, there’s always that “what if” on winning big completely out of the blue. The odds may not always be in your favour, but sometimes they’re not the decisive factor – this list of 10 of the weirdest and most incredible betting wins is here to prove it.

    Would you bet on your 18-month old grandson becoming a football player? What about U2 still being together 11 years later? Here are the stories of ten people who pretty much did the impossible.

  • Premier League: Top 4 Dreaming

    2016-03-25 15:38

    Premier League: Top 4 Dreaming

    Even though the English teams are mostly miserable internationally this season, Premier League did retain four UEFA Champions League slots for 17/18. That means there are still three places in the group stage and one in the qualifiers to fight for, and fight the teams will. Let‘s take a look at our potential Top 4!

  • Let‘s Get it on: This is who is Going to Win the Champions League

    2016-03-24 15:58

    Let‘s Get it on: This is who is Going to Win the Champions League

    The Round of 16 battle gave us all a taste of blood already, and there’s more where that came from. With the quarter-final following shortly, we can expect proper survival games: this title is the ultimate goal of the season for most of the competitors. Victory is not going to come easy even for the best of the lot, but there are still a few teams that are the most likely to run out into the legendary San Siro stadium come May 28th

  • Derby Time at the Premier League

    2016-03-20 12:29

    Derby Time at the Premier League

    It‘s a good week in the Premier League! If sometimes the fixtures can be a bit lacklustre, it’s the exact opposite this time around and there really are a lot of matches absolutely worth tuning in to. However, the most interesting bit is going to be the derbies – so let’s take a look at the Manchester match, and the Newcastle v Sunderland game.

  • Australian Grand Prix: Predicting the First Triumph

    2016-03-18 12:36

    Australian Grand Prix: Predicting the First Triumph

    It‘s time for the Formula One season to start! The action begins in Melbourne this very weekend where the best racers in the world will embark on their long and gruelling journey to glory. Lewis Hamilton is returning as the back-to-back defending Driver’s Champion with his team Mercedes that is the defending Constructors’ Champion. Is it going to play out the same, or will we see something new this time around? 

  • The Quarter-Finals to Be: Who‘s Going to Triumph in the Champions League?

    2016-03-15 16:00

    The Quarter-Finals to Be: Who‘s Going to Triumph in the Champions League?

    The Round of 16 is nearly done over in the Champions League – and we already know four of the teams that have gone through to the quarter-final. Benfica, Wolfsburg, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint Germain are already packing their bags, and four more teams are going to join them after the upcoming match days. Man City and Barcelona seem like a done deal already, but who is going to make up the second half of the winners?

  • FA Cup: The Final Four to Advance

    2016-03-10 19:11

    FA Cup: The Final Four to Advance

    The hottest games of the weekend are definitely over at the FA Cup, where eight teams are going to battle it out in order to advance to the semi-final. The two-times defending champions Arsenal would no doubt fancy a third consecutive title, but they aren’t the only ones who have their eyes set on the prize. There are games to be played first, so let’s take a look at that!

  • PSG vs Chelsea: the Game of the Season

    2016-03-08 14:11

    PSG vs Chelsea: the Game of the Season

    With the first leg games over and done with, the stakes got that much higher: the matches ahead allow for no mistakes. Both Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain can still advance to the next round, even though it was the French who won the last time. Can they repeat the feat playing away against the Blues?