• TOP 100+ Football Blogs to Follow: The TonyBet Master List

    2015-08-18 16:17

    Ever since the big media revolution – you know, the Internet – communication has changed probably the most since the invention of printing machines. Pretty much anyone with a bit of determination and the ability to type with at least two fingers can create a website and start posting.

    Yes, the Internet means new possibilities. It also means opinions and lots of them! And thus started the era of blogging, when the total number of blogs online is well over hundreds of millions.

  • Premier League Week 2: The Duel of the Titans

    2015-08-14 11:53

    When Arsenal defeated Chelsea in the Community Shield, it seemed they were starting the season on the right foot. Chelsea was always the strong rival, and there’s no better way to begin a new season than with a victory. Their first Premier League game against West Ham was coming up, and that was a guaranteed win, wasn’t it?

  • Premier League 2015/2016: Have You Chosen Your Champions?

    2015-08-07 13:52

    It is no doubt that the Barclay’s Premier League is one of the most exciting things in the football world. Its 24th season starts on 8th of August of this year and lasts until 15th of May 2016, it has got a 380 total of matches played and 20 best clubs in England competing for the champion’s title. With a league like that, football fans of all ages, commitment levels, and gameplay preferences are guaranteed to find something exceptional for themselves.

  • The Economics of the English Premier League

    2015-08-05 16:15

    Are economics ever fun? Well, in this combination of an infographic and top 20 Britain’s football club revenues, they can be. It is no surprise that with big football comes big spending!

    If you have seen the numbers that the Premier League clubs’ generate, you know that they definitely seem impressive enough on their own.

  • FA Community Shield: Chelsea’s Ex-Shield Petr Cech vs His Former Team

    2015-07-30 15:26

    Football fans are in for a treat on Sunday as the 93rd annual FA Community Shield between the League champs Chelsea and Cup holders Arsenal is taking place at Wembley. An interesting twist is Chelsea veteran goalkeeper Petr Cech’s move to none other than the rivals back in June.


    2015-07-20 12:17

    With Rafa Nadal unexpectedly dropping out of the most prestigious grass tournament of the year and Kei Nishikori leaving the title race due to an injury the tennis fans are wondering: who’s next? We took a shot and tied to predict the way Wimbledon is going to play out.