• Will Chelsea Rise From the Ashes Against Arsenal?

    2015-09-18 17:30

    Another weekend full of top-notch Premier League football: this week’s match to watch is the Chelsea vs Arsenal game. These teams have been trying to best one another for ages, and this season had unofficially started with the Gunners winning over the Blues at the FA Community Shield. Will that scenario repeat itself at the Saturday’s match?

  • NFL Week 2 Preview: Keeping Up Is a Must in the Race for Super Bowl

    2015-09-18 16:59

    The NFL regular season is just 16 games long. Only 12 out of 32 teams will make the playoffs. A couple of losses at the start of the season and teams can get left behind easily in the race for Super Bowl. Teams who lost in last weekend’s week 1 matches are already feeling the pressure to win the next game. Teams who won last week see plenty of opponents around who won as well and will be desperate to separate themselves from the pack.

  • Celtic, Liverpool, and Tottenham in Europa League: 4 Things to Know

    2015-09-17 18:40

    Europa League looks like it‘s going to produce some very interesting matches this year – and all British football fans are in for a special treat, as Celtic, Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur will be playing in group A, B, and J respectively. European football has a long history, so it‘s only natural that the Brits will meet some well-known opponents. Let‘s take a look to the clubs‘ ghosts of football past.

  • Predicting the Victory: Top 5 Teams to Win Champions League

    2015-09-16 13:22

    Yes, it may be a tad early to ascertain the winners of the UEFA Champions League when there’s still nearly nine months until we’ll know for certain – but everyone has their favourites. The five clubs below at the moment seem to be the strongest out of the 32 still competing after the play-offs, and one of them may very well claim the big trophy. Let’s take a look at the best of the best!

  • Top 3 Most Surprising US Open Victories

    2015-09-09 15:41

    Last year’s US Open produced a surprise like no other – a dark horse champion Marin Cilic! This year, Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic may not let that happen, but we’ve already seen plenty of unexpected victories. There were three matches in particular that stood out: it was not as surprising that these players won as it was shocking that their opponents lost.

  • Before the Match: 10 Facts about the Swiss National Football Team

    2015-09-08 16:03

    The Internet is all about 10-point lists, cats, and maybe football – and in this article, you‘ll get 2/3 of that. England has already qualified for the Euro 2016, but it wouldn‘t do to lose any of the three upcoming matches now that the top place of the group has been secured.

  • BPL Week #5: Liverpool‘s Redemption and Leicester‘s Triumph?

    2015-09-04 14:38

    Week #5 of the Barclay’s Premier League is fast approaching and if we’ve learned anything from the season so far, it’s that it is bound to be surprising in some way. Next big match to look out for is Manchester United vs Liverpool on Saturday night. Can the Reds redeem themselves after repeating – with interest – Arsenal’s loss to West Ham last week?

  • Favourites to Win and Dark Horses: the US Open Edition

    2015-09-01 14:13

    The last Grand Slam of the season has just kicked-off in New York with the best players in the world meeting in exciting matches to fight for the title. Do you already know who are you going to root for in the US Open? We have picked our top 3 players with the best odds to win the tournament, plus added a lurking dark horse, too. 

  • EuroBasket Group Favourites: the Fan’s Choice

    2015-08-27 16:31

    Every basketball fan wants their national team to win the championship, but since the EuroBasket has a group stage, you can have more than one natural favourite. At this point, there are three more teams to support, and here at TonyBet we looked at what our players are thinking about this year’s leaders. 

  • BPL Week 3: a Battle between Arsenal & Liverpool, Man City & Chelsea Hope for Victories

    2015-08-21 11:50

    When Arsenal snagged Chelsea‘s Petr Cech and went ahead to win FA Community Shield with him, they fuelled the hopes for a very successful British Premier League 15/16. However, the Gunners started their season with a match you can’t quite forget – for all the wrong reasons, unfortunately.