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It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of football or not, the World Cup has involved all people around the world. Some of them are supporting their favorite teams and players with big passion, while others are just making jokes about everything.

As now we have just a few days to rest before for the final match, let’s have some fun. We have collected some amazing World Cup 2018 memes for you. Some of them are quite brutal, so don’t take them too seriously, it’s just a game. Have you created something even more fun? Then share with us!

1. In every little corner of the world, people were waiting for the World Cup with the overloaded excitement and best wishes for the teams, players, and other fans. Mostly, like this:

















2. They made predictions. Lots of predictions. Sadly, but some of them looks terrifying.




















3. Before the football madness has started, people made fun about the countries that won’t play in the World Cup. We bet they were so jealous. Aren’t you, America?














4. In the beginning, people were so excited about every match. They skipped work, school, etc. But really, who cares about taking classes, when football is happening?
















5. As the first matches were nothing but professional football, people realized that they can make jokes about other things. For example, VAR got lots of criticism before the beginning of the World Cup, followed by tons of memes. But this one looks so accurate, doesn’t it? 






















6. Of course, there is nothing new that, when a huge sports event, like the World Cup, starts, every single person surprisingly becomes an expert of the game. Somehow, they can analyze the game, tactics, physical characteristic of players and even the condition of the ground grass. Every opinion is taken as a fact without any doubts. How was the World looking at Egypt? Like this and don’t argue with us.











7. And then the show started! Like someone said, “The professional football cannot be just a game, it is a performance”. Yeap, it really is!

















8. Don’t get us wrong. All the players were doing their best, and we really appreciate that. On the other hand, what else they can do if there is a lack of game skills? Well, use your super-power then.



















9. The real fun has started even later in the World Cup. Germany was really good at playing so bad. At first, people were shocked, they cried, and sadness was spreading all around. Where has the power disappeared? All opponents were supposed to be scared of Germany, but what is happening now? Who are those amateurs?












10. However, the sadness was forgotten very soon as well as the loyalty. Support Germany? What Germany? No no, you were confused by the strings of flags. We are fans of Belgium for sure.















11. When it was done with Germany, Argentina has entered the stage. The show must go on and people must make jokes about the most tearful moments. Like this: 









12. Thankfully, the legend was stealing some attention from the team, so nobody was able to see the flood of tears from players. Diego Maradona is a real controversial diva and it might be that after this World Cup he is planning to start a new career in Hollywood. Well, we have to admit that he is doing just great! 


13. It’s difficult to say who has gained more attention: the team of Brazil after such a poor game in the quarter-final or Neymar by himself? Anyway, the defeat was hurtful, but there were some good things in that. See?











14. We know, it seems like a mainstream now, but the solo show of Neymar cannot be forgotten so easily. We accept that he is a very talented football player, but that drama class he was attending must be really good.

What an elegance.









What a move.


















Brazil, you should save your talents.















Sorry Neymar, we will be friendlier during the next World Cup.












15. And let’s finish with England. The start was so promising. Football must come home. England is the only one and true motherland of this game. The best team and the smartest coach. Your Majesty Queen of England, please, prepare a place for the Golden Trophy. It’s coming home, finally!



















And boom! The semi-final left us speechless. Guys, it seems like only you are coming home. Yes, hurry up, the gates will be closed in a minute and the Golden Trophy cannot be taken in an economy class. Sorry, maybe next time.












What about Croatians? Well, the picture speaks for itself.










16. The cherry on top. Don’t mess with football fans. Especially, if those fans are from England. It might end up not so well.