The Battle of Revenge: Bayern vs Atletico

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The Champions League has just started – and yet we‘re already getting to see some pretty exquisite matches. Who can forget Atletico upsetting the seemingly indestructible Bayern Munich during the first leg of the semi-finals, and advancing to the finals on away goals? Well, it’s time for a re-match, and the Germans will be eager to prove their worth.

Back then, the Spanish team won the first game with clean sheets and a single goal, and even though Bayern managed to get back at them with a 2:1 victory in the following match, that simply wasn’t good enough. Ancelotti’s lads have started this season very strongly, however, they were like that the previous time. Are they going to make good on the promise that they made with the 5:0 victory against FC Rostov the last week?

According to the TonyBet bookies, Bayern are more than ready to show Atletico that you don’t beat this team twice in a row. However, the Spanish team has had a brilliant run last year, placing second in Champions League and third in La Liga, and the fact that the Germans are dominating their home Bundesliga doesn’t mean that they are just as invincible internationally.

Bayern Munich is expecting no less than a tough battle. Alonso said, that they are “a very similar team to last year, they are competitive, hardworking, always well organised. They have positive aggression, they always compete to the limit.” Well, the midfielder is right – but going into a match prepared to meet a very strong opponent is a far better strategy than thinking you’ve got it in your bag already.

While the Germans are undoubtedly very strong scorers, which they’ve shown again in the last week’s game, their upcoming opponents are very strong when it comes to defending. Obviously, the last season’s experience will definitely help Bayern figure out Atletico better, especially since that was the first time these teams had met in a very long time.

One thing that we can all expect to see is an incredible game. The Germans know how to be aggressive, but the Spanish can take all that and add their own passion on top – so is it going to be a victory of attack, or of defence? There is only one way to really know: you’ll have to tune in and see it for yourself!