Australian Grand Prix: Predicting the First Triumph

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It‘s time for the Formula One season to start! The action begins in Melbourne this very weekend where the best racers in the world will embark on their long and gruelling journey to glory. Lewis Hamilton is returning as the back-to-back defending Driver’s Champion with his team Mercedes that is the defending Constructors’ Champion. Is it going to play out the same, or will we see something new this time around?

Now if you take a look at the odds, they predict the same story. The TonyBet bookies have Lewis Hamilton as the favourite at 1.90. Despite winning this championship for two times in a row, the racer remains rational and doesn’t expect to triumph without a challenge. Hamilton thinks that Ferrari are downplaying their fortitude. “They are arriving on a low but will deliver high.” he told BBC Sports.

Two titles to his name hasn’t made Hamilton any less keen to become a champion once again. That would certainly be an impressive feat considering he has to keep focus for 21 races straight which he admitted he had a bit of trouble with in the past. However, he‘s got a very solid and reliable Mercedes team to help him through and it‘s worked perfectly in the past.

Still, Hamilton has got a strong contender in the Mercedes team. Nico Rosberg is the second in line to win the Australian Grand Prix with his odds being at 3.25, and he’s under massive pressure. Rosberg’s contract with Mercedes is expiring at the end of the year and it just won’t do to lose to Hamilton for the third time in a row. He’s definitely capable of victory, and to be fair, he must be very keen for it which will help him along.

Ferrari may not be the favourite team before the races have started, but they have successfully managed to get everyone’s attention. It is quite clear that they are planning to take Mercedes’ spot at the top, and they haven’t been slacking off in preparation. It’s tough to say how that will go – they are notorious for their reliability troubles and there are 21 circuits to think of – but Ferrari is at least going to provide some healthy competition.

If they do manage to succeed, the racer who is the most capable to bring them to glory is Sebastien Vettel. The TonyBet bookies have given him the odds of 5.50 at winning the upcoming race and this weekend, we will see how well that fits his performance. Vettel is a very talented racer to say the least, but his gear has to be up to the task, too. If everything goes well for him, we may get a pretty exciting duel between him and Hamilton, so fingers crossed!

The Formula 1 season is long and hard, and the Australian Grand Prix is only the beginning. While there are a few clear favourites, we may see a dark horse emerging – but he’ll have to prove he’s got what it takes to win in twenty more circuits. Endurance is key here, and the teams are looking as ready for it as ever. Hopefully, we’ll get a few contenders hot on one another’s heels for the entirety of the season – and some surprises to top it off!